About AJP

AJP was founded circa 1987 in Portugal by Antonio J Pinto – a 7x Portuguese National Enduro Champion.  The first model AJP created back then was the Arianna 125 using a 2-stroke engine.  Then from 1991 to 2000, AJP using bikes of their own creation participated in their native National Enduro series – winning the championship 5x in a row – 1996 thru 2000.  During those years they also raced in their native National Off-Road series winning that title 3x – in 1996, 1997, and 2000.  It was during those years of racing and winning many titles that technical solutions and core values of AJP were clearly defined – setting the foundation for a bright future.


Some historical pictures of the various models AJP has manufactured over the years….

In the early 2000’s AJP applied all their know-how of racing and design into the first PR4 series model using then, a 125 4-stroke engine and a full steel frame.  Already the unique traits affiliated with AJP to this day were used on the early model PR4.  Technical ideas such as a short wheelbase, fuel-tank under seat, narrow stand-over width, and high-end suspension components were present on that very first PR4.

In 2007 the latest version of the AJP frame is introduced – a hybrid Aluminum-Steel structure that combines lightweight and low cost to manufacture in one complete package.  Once this platform was introduced is wasn’t long before the new models started rolling out such as a ergonomically smaller model called the PR3.  The PR3 shares almost all the same components and features with its bigger brother the PR4 with the exception of swing-arm, forks, wheel-set, and frame steering head to seat relationship.  The shorter distance from the steering head to the seat shortens the wheelbase on this model and also allows for riders of smaller build to easily reach the hand controls and feel comfortable on this bike.


European version of a 2014 PR4 shown for reference

In 2009 the current flagship model – the PR5 was born.  Since then it has gone thru one evolution of engine family and is now offered in its current state as a 250cc Fuel Injected enduro bike.  This bike offers all the unique AJP traits such as low seat height, class leading short wheelbase, fuel tank under seat etc.  The end result is a very nimble and narrow woods weapon with an engine that makes traction in all conditions.  Combining all this useable power with hi-spec suspension front and rear allow the PR5 to float over the trail obstacles that stop other brands in their tracks!



Euro version of 2014 PR5 shown in action.


If you riding another brand of motorcycle and find yourself struggling in the technical terrain – we encourage you to take a test ride on an AJP.  It is only then that you will clearly see and feel the difference a short wheelbase bike pushed forward by smooth 4-stroke power can make when navigating the toughest trails.  Power is nothing without control – riding an AJP will allow YOU to take control of the trails!












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