AJP is hitting 2018 with big news – the availability of a race-only off-road version of the PR7.
This is a pure rally racing bike with a 600cc engine, Sachs suspension, full navigation tower, 4.5 gallon fuel tank, and a new generation of our frame design. Ready for Baja or whatever you can throw at it!
(A street legal version of this bike is possible for MY2019, the earliest).
Some more exciting news is that in 2018 all our motorcycles will have Shorai lithium batteries as standard equipment.  The PR3 all the way thru the PR7 will now benefit from a 4lb weight savings and plenty of cranking ability at all times thanks to Shorai Power!  Plus, all our bikes will now be shipped with a first-fill of Spectro motorcycle oil – ensuring the best protection of every internal engine component from the very first ride.
Here’s a summary of what’s new from AJP in 2018:
PR7 Rally 600 – A new from the ground up Rally Racer (competition only – not street-legal) PR4 Enduro – new billet triples, new larger 43mm forks, new tapered bars and billet clamps PR5 Enduro – new muffler and new footpegs
Shorai battery and Spectro oil included with every new AJP model . . . Looking ahead, 2018 should be a great year for AJP as we start to celebrate 31 years of making motorcycles fun, easy to ride, and affordable again! Please come ride with us!


DBPR4 thumbExcerpt from Dirt Bike Magazine’s Review of the PR 4. . . Some of the most common complaints we hear about modern bikes concern the retail sticker shock and the expense of maintenance. And on top of this cacophony of complaints from the general whiners and moaners, there is an additional group of complainers lamenting the absence of true off-road bikes for smaller riders.
AJP is a new-to-the-U.S. company that was founded in 1987 in Portugal by AJP himself: seven-time Portuguese National Enduro champion Antonio J. Pinto. In the early years, AJP focused on uber-competitive two-strokes, but even a quick look at the PR4 reveals that the air-cooled, electric-start motor is no enduro championship weapon. Even though the engine has more in common with a Honda CRF230F than a race-spec 250cc, the chassis and running gear have serious off-road credibility.

Looking for a light-weight low seat height off-road dirt bike with Electric start and the look and feel of Free-Ride or Xtrainer? AJP’s PR3 and PR 4 an amazing alternative! The AJP PR M=models are air-cooled with fully adjustable suspension onboard! We offer one of the lowest seat height ranges in off-road!c Look to our Dealer’s Page to find the nearest dealer that can show you or demo a bike at your convenience.