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AJP is hitting 2018 with big news – the availability of a race version of the PR7. This is a pure rally racing bike with a 600cc engine, Sachs suspension, full navigation tower, 4.5 gallon fuel tank, and a new generation of our frame design. Ready for Baja or whatever you can throw at it!
Some more exciting news is that in 2018 all our motorcycles will have Shorai lithium batteries as standard equipment. The PR3 all the way thru the PR7 will now benefit from a 4lb weight savings and plenty of cranking ability at all times thanks to Shorai Power! Plus, all our bikes will now be shipped with a first-fill of Spectro motorcycle oil – ensuring the best protection of every internal engine component from the very first ride.
Here’s a summary of what’s new from AJP in 2018:
PR7 Rally 600 – A new from the ground up Rally Racer  PR4 Enduro – new billet triples, new larger 43mm forks, new tapered bars and billet clamps PR5 Enduro – new muffler and new footpegs

Shorai battery and Spectro oil included with every new AJP model
Looking ahead, 2018 should be a great year for AJP as we start to celebrate 31 years of making motorcycles fun, easy to ride, and affordable again! Please come ride with us!

2018 PR7 Rally 600 – MSRP $9995
Dreaming of racing Baja? Dream no more! The race edition of the PR7 is coming to the USA. Not for the faint of heart – this bike is packed with features and ready to blast across the desert at over 100mph!

The PR7 is designed to be the ultimate open-class rally racer. Starting with a new generation frame we added the very best in off-road suspension from Sachs front & rear. Next came billet triple clamps, billet footpegs, and billet bar mounts.

To keep the stand-over height narrow and low – we placed the fuel tank in our usual place – down low, under the seat. The rally-style tower incorporates a very effective windscreen, dual stacked headlamps, and removable ASUS tablet computer. Load the Android tablet with whatever you like – navigation, apps, web-based programs – it can handle it all, at speed – thru any weather condition.

The power-plant in the PR7 is composed of a 60hp 600cc fuel-injected 6-speed motor, DOMA full race exhaust, carbon fiber air intake, plus race-spec ECU.
Only a limited quantity of these exciting bikes will be available. Stop dreaming and reserve your PR7 now by contacting your closest AJP dealer for all the details…

2018 PR3 Enduro 240 – MSRP $4799

Our PR3 model continues for 2018 with some nice updates….
Shorai Lithium Battery – Now standard on every AJP model and saves almost 4lbs! Spectro Oil – Provided with each bike new as first fill



2018 PR4 Enduro 240 – MSRP $4999
Our PR4 Enduro enters MY2018 with some significant updates:
FastAce USD 43mm Fork – Adjustable for compression & rebound, larger diameter than in 2017 New Billet Aluminum Triple Clamps – stronger than cast clamps, anodized black with AJP logo New Reikon Tapered Handlebar – Aluminum oversized bar – stronger and lighter than before New Billet Aluminum Bar Clamps – reversible offset, anodized black with AJP logos
Shorai Lithium battery – Now standard on every AJP model and saves almost 4lbs!
Spectro Oil – Provided with each bike new as first fill



2018 PR4 Extreme 240 – MSRP $6199

Starting with our PR4 Enduro platform – the Extreme model offers a giant leap in performance, handling, and spec – with no changes for 2018.
The list of upgrades from the Enduro model includes the following:
Belparts Exhaust – “bomb” style header plus free flowing muffler for more power at all RPM’s Sachs 48mm upgraded forks – same forks as on our PR5 Extreme, fully adjustable, very plush! Galfer brake rotors – oversized wave rotors front & rear, better braking in all conditions. Factory foot pegs – Billet Aluminum RED foot pegs – saves weight plus looks and feels great! Candy Red Metallic color – for frame and rear sub-frame
Factory wheel set – stronger design with powder coated hubs to match our frame


2018 PR5 Enduro 250 – MSRP $6499

Changes for 2018 include:
Aluminum AJP muffler – with removable quiet-insert to reduce exhaust restriction Spectro Oil – Provided with each bike new as first fill
AJP cast footpegs – Very durable with great traction and mud clearing ability




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