PR 3 Accessories

Air filter oil
Easy to use aerosol spray.
FILTER – $10

Air filter cleaner

Get your Twin Air AJP filter CLEAN!! 12oz
FFC – $10

Foam filter fluid

Super Tacky! 1 liter

Spray & polish
Get that new bike shine! 12oz
SP – $10

chain wax
for standard, X-Ring, and O-Ring chains. 10oz
CW – $10

101 lubricant
Great for cables, pivot points, etc. 12oz
SX101 – $10

Premium motorcycle wash
Get your AJP looking new again! 1 quart
MWIL – $10

Golden4 Semi-Synthetic 20W-50 Oil
Perfect for all PR3 & PR4 models. 1 liter
GS42050 – $10

Shorai lightweight lithium battery.
Saves almost 4lbs as compared to a lead acid battery and has more power too!
MC1020 – $115

Rear Fender Rack – fits all PR3 and PR4 models.
Hi-quality brushed stainless steel rack, custom made for AJP. Includes all mounting hardware needed as shown. Some drilling of the fender is required.
MC1019 – $99

Race CDI – fits all PR3 and PR4 models.
Direct replacement for stock CDI. Improves throttle response and raises rev limit.
MC1018 – $30

Factory Power-Up Kit – Fits all 240cc PR3 & PR4 models.
Includes camshaft, bearing, o-ring, plus carb jets.  Provides a noticeable increase in power.  We recommend combining this kit with either our FMF or Belparts exhaust system in order to maximize the power benefits.
00MTS01A0172 – $298

AJP BannerShow your colors! AJP Factory Banner. Measures 8 feet long x 1 foot high.
Made of heavy duty material with grommets on 4 corners as well as along length bottom and top.
MC1017 – $45

Spark Arrestor insert – fits PR3 & PR4
Fits Belparts muffler only, NOT stock PR3/4 Enduro muffler
MC1016 – $30

MX Race Kit to fit the PR3 & PR4.
Includes racing wire harness, on/off kill switch, front number plate, and number plate bracket. Eliminates all lighting, meter, and switchgear – which results in a weight savings of over 4 pounds! Combine this kit with a lithium battery and our billet footpegs to save a total of 9lbs!
MC1015 – $189

38 tooth Aluminum rear sprocket to fit the PR3 models only.
This sprocket is 1.5lbs lighter than the stock rear sprocket offering a noticeable reduction in unsprung and rotational mass! Also lengthens the gearing slightly by 1 tooth less than stock – offering a slightly higher top speed in each gear.
MC1014 – $79.99


AJP Factory pit/garage mat
measures 75″ x 45″.
00MES01A0082 – $159

FMF PowerCore 4 Spark Arrestor Muffler built to fit our PR3 & PR4.
Includes all mounting hardware – slips right on to stock attachment points. USFS approved screen type removable spark arrestor included. This muffler flows better than our stock muffler – resulting in an improvement in power and throttle response.
MC1011 – $395

Magura Hydraulic Clutch Kit – Fits PR3 & PR4.
Provides a very consistent clutch feel and engagement point at all times. Comes completely assembled and pre-bled, ready for E-Z install. Also features the backwards bending clutch lever feature from Magura – no more broken clutch levers!
MC1003 – $335

High Performance complete exhaust system with resonator style header to fit the PR3 & PR4
Boosts Torque & Improves Throttle Response
00MTS04A0053 – $499

Full Coverage Aluminum Skid Plate to fit PR3 & PR4
00MTS01A0124 – $129

AJP Factory Foot Pegs. Red Anodized Billet Aluminum with Stainless Steel grip inserts.
Weighs .6lbs less than the stock pegs!  Uses stock mounting hardware, fits all AJP models – PR3 thru PR5R.
00QUS03A0037 – $99 pair

Factory rear suspension link – lower the seat height of your stock PR3 or PR4 by 1 full inch!
Results in a new seat height of 33.5 inches on a PR3 and 35.5 inches on a PR4. Shorter side stand (00QUS04A0044) is recommended for the PR4 application.  Some PR3’s will need the stock side-stand bracket lightly modified to allow the bike to lean correctly with this link installed.
00STC07C0004 – $99.

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