Used AJP’s

All motorcycles listed are sold through private owners or AJP dealers.  AJP USA is not affiliated with these motorcycles for sale and offers this webpage only as a means for customers to purchase a pre-owned AJP.  Shipping arrangements must be made between the customer and seller.   Ads will be removed after 90 days or until the bike has been sold.  

For those interested in selling their pre-owned AJP – please click here to jump to our Contact page.  Fill out the comments section of the contact form with the requested info listed below.  A reply will be sent within 24 hours requesting a photo.  Soon after your photo is received – your ad will be placed.  Thank You!
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2017 PR4 enduro pro 240
60 miles, $4000
Randy at


2015 PR5 in brand new shape  with EJK tuner installed and running well.
Only 31 miles, with Minnesota license plate and title.
The bike was too big.  I am now riding a PR4.

Price is $3400

Live far away?  Get it shipped uncrated  – try  they offer a 10% discount to AMA members.
or make your own shipping/pickup arrangements via Uship or ???

Bill Lawson
Somerset, WI 54025
715-497-0515 mobile


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