2017 Features


The list of upgrades includes the following: Sachs 48mm upgraded forks – a full level above our standard forks, fully adjustable, very plush! BrakTec hydraulic clutch – very easy lever pull, plus consistent actuation point Galfer brake rotors – scalloped wave rotors front & rear, strong braking in all conditions. Factory Radiator Guards – left & right cage-type radiator guards – SOLID protection! Red Silicone radiator hoses – Factory hoses with AJP logo Red anodized aluminum shift lever with AJP logo Red anodized aluminum brake pedal New Cherry Red Metallic color for frame, sub-frame, and front & rear hubs Michelin S12 XC tires - fitted standard front & rearDo you remember when performance dirt bikes were affordable? Easy to ride? Had a low seat height? Here at AJP, we’ve never forgotten those principals. In fact, we’ve built our business for almost 30 years now on the premise of offering affordable, 2 Easy 2 Ride, fully-suspended Enduro bikes, with class-leading low seat heights! Curious? Please read on….
AJP is back!
NEW MODEL! - 2017 PR4 Extreme 240 - MSRP $5995 Starting with our existing PR4 platform – this exciting new Extreme model offers many performance enhancements, making it much lighter, more powerful, better suspended, and with stronger braking characteristics as well! The list of changes includes the following: Belparts Exhaust – “bomb” style header plus free flowing muffler for more power at all RPM’s Shorai lithium battery – saves almost 4lbs in weight! Reikon tapered handlebars – pulled from our PR5, saves weight plus better feel Sachs 48mm upgraded forks – same forks as on our PR5 Extreme, fully adjustable, very plush! Galfer brake rotors – scalloped wave rotors front & rear, better braking in all conditions. Factory foot pegs – Billet Aluminum RED foot pegs – saves weight plus looks and feels great! New Candy Red Metallic color – for frame, sub-frame, plus front & rear hubs Michelin S12 XC tires - fitted standard front & rear, better performance in all conditionsPraised in the enthusiast’s press for outstanding handling, top-notch components, and incredible value – our PR3, PR4, and PR5 return for 2017! For sure, we have some nice changes in-store for our carryover lineup, plus two exciting new models to announce as well! The big news is that we will now be offering the Extreme versions of the PR4 and PR5 for 2017! These two models will be our new “flagship” bikes – offering the lightest weight, best suspension, strongest brakes, and the most horsepower – over any of our other models!
At AJP – we etch our passion for off-road riding into every hand welded frame we produce. To ensure consistent quality – a single craftsman builds each chassis from scratch to a complete running motorcycle. And our Factory in Europe strives to fit only the highest quality components to our bikes – such as Michelin tires, Twin Air filters, Sachs suspension, Delphi electronics, and Polisport plastics – to name just a few.
Please check out our complete 2017 model line-up of off-road motorcycles in AJP dealerships this September. Once you see and ride our bikes – you will understand that AJP has never forgotten what’s important to you!

AJPturn1Learn more about Dirt Bike’s review of the PR5 . . . If it’s possible to hurt a motorcycle’s feelings, we probably did it to the AJP PR5. We’re sorry. We won’t do it again. If you don’t know what an AJP PR5 is, don’t worry. Apparently, we didn’t either. AJP is a company out of Portugal that specializes in making inexpensive trail bikes. The parts are sourced from all over the world, but the key to the low price is the Asian-made motors. There are a number of different models, including the PR4 we tested last month, but the PR5 is more of a performance-oriented 249cc off-road bike that sells for under $6000.



DBPR4 thumbExcerpt from Dirt Bike Magazine’s Review of the PR 4. . . Some of the most common complaints we hear about modern bikes concern the retail sticker shock and the expense of maintenance. And on top of this cacophony of complaints from the general whiners and moaners, there is an additional group of complainers lamenting the absence of true off-road bikes for smaller riders.
AJP is a new-to-the-U.S. company that was founded in 1987 in Portugal by AJP himself: seven-time Portuguese National Enduro champion Antonio J. Pinto. In the early years, AJP focused on uber-competitive two-strokes, but even a quick look at the PR4 reveals that the air-cooled, electric-start motor is no enduro championship weapon. Even though the engine has more in common with a Honda CRF230F than a race-spec 250cc, the chassis and running gear have serious off-road credibility.

Looking for a light-weight low seat height off-road dirt bike with Electric start and the look and feel of Free-Ride or Xtrainer? AJP’s PR3 and PR 4 an amazing alternative! The AJP PR M=models are air-cooled with fully adjustable suspension onboard! We offer one of the lowest seat height ranges in off-road!c Look to our Dealer’s Page to find the nearest dealer that can show you or demo a bike at your convenience.

2017 PR3 Enduro 240 – MSRP $4799       2017 PR4 Enduro 240 – MSRP $4995

2017 PR4 Extreme 240 – MSRP $5995     2017 PR5 Enduro 250 – MSRP $6199

2017 PR5 Extreme 250 – MSRP $7299